Sorry to trouble you I did d some searching but can't find anything.
You have a login button, not the alt login, and I need to change some things on it?

It uses the CSS class etc;
reg_button LoginControl - text Log in or Join now for more


       <label for="LoginControl" class="reg_button">
         <a href="{xen:link login}" class="inner">{xen:if $xenOptions.registrationSetup.enabled, "Log in or Join now for more", {xen:phrase log_in}}</a>

Could you please let me know how/where I can change this?
Sorry to trouble you, hope life is good all.


It has been a long day so far so forgive me but I don't think that's apart of our style?

Our login button is fully phrases, where are you seeing this one?
Ah you may be right.. I am playing with something and maybe looked at the wrong file. Been a long day here too so maybe that's it.
okay feel free to lock/delete close this. Sorry, you are right and this is why I couldn't find it.
It's in the navigation but I am looking at the default style. My bad sorry Russ :whistle::whistle:
*smacks head*

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