Hi Russ,

I am having trouble posting. Keep getting flagged for possible spam for some reason so I added my question in a txt file and attached it.


  • logo.txt
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Honestly, with that sort of logo setup I would opt NOT to use the default logo inside the navigation. I'd go to: Style properties -> Header and navigation, set the logo to the default position. Logo in nav would work ideally with an icon to the left text on the right like ours.

I'm looking into why you're getting flagged on spam, sorry about that.
Yeah it looks good up the top but I got all that empty space. Would you be able to share some code on how to center it from the top position? Cheers.

Place this CSS inside the extra.less template. It should do the trick.

.p-header .p-header-logo {
    margin: 0 auto;

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