Everytime I try to change the logo I get this:

Oops! We ran into some problems.
Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console.


Pixel Exit Staff
Another damn rip off...
What’s a rip off exactly? It’s a Sunday and we normally don’t provide support today.

I’ll need a login to debug it, but this isn’t a style related issue, usually down to a server problem. Can you change the logo on the default style?

We provide solid products and great support, we wouldn’t be in business for over 5 years by ripping people off.

Please submit a ticket with an admin login so I can take a look.


Pixel Exit Staff
Yeah..OK...Don't believe that...Like I am the only one that's had this problem....Not going to use the damn theme..$25 shot to shit!

Again it has not been reported at all. Feel free to make a ticket with an admin login and I’ll get to the bottom of it.


Pixel Exit Staff
Just to follow up on this, the issue appears to be from mod sec (a security plugin).

If someone else runs into the same issue this needs to be addressed by the host.

While you can edit the default style logo making it seem like it's a style issue... you can't edit other style properties in the default such as the Typography settings due to the security plugin.

Just contact your host with the page in question and the error and they hopefully should get it resolved quickly.

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