Hi guys,

I have a few small tweaks that I'm struggling with:

1. I changed the button color on welcome notice from blue to orange with css how / what css class do I change to change the rollover color? I'd like it to darken slightly like the login button does on the welcome notice.
2. how do i change the home link in the navigation to an icon?
3. if I want to replace the login button on the welcome notice to ask a question which when clicked does post thread action how would I acheive this.
4. how do i get the stats below the avatar in the posts? before it used to show like a speech bubble with number of posts or such like - is this an option to toggle these on?

Thanks for the awesome theme btw, absolutely love it
1.) Extra.less:

.xb-welcome-notice a.button:hover { css here}

2.) You'll need to edit the phrase for the home link or edit the navigation manager and just put a font awesome icon.

<i class="fa fa-home" aria-hidden="true"></i>

3.) Just edit the template: xb_welcome place whatever content you want

4.) Style Properties -> Messages you can add additional elements here and enable the font awesome icons here too.
Thanks Russ,

With regard to point 4) I have the following options enabled:

Avatar large
Message user icons

But the avatar size isn't changing and I am not getting the user icons.

I reverted a template yesterday that came up as outdated, this was the message_macros template in the Edge parent do not edit theme which I think is related to this issue.


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