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The icon that is supposed to show for "moderated" resources is not showing. Works fine in the default skin.

moderated resources.png


Pixel Exit Staff
If you want to "fix" it:

template : resource_list_item:

           <xen:if is="{$resource.resource_state} == 'moderated'"><span class="moderated" title="{xen:phrase moderated}">{xen:phrase moderated}</span></xen:if>
           <xen:if is="{$resource.resource_state} == 'deleted'"><span class="deleted" title="{xen:phrase deleted}">{xen:phrase deleted}</span></xen:if>
Replace the {xen:phrase moderated} that isn't inside the title"" with:

<i class="fa fa-shield fa-fw"></i>
Then the {xen:phrase deleted} that isn't inside the title"" with:

<i class="fa fa-trash fa-fw"></i>
We may need to adjust the way we do the icons to help with other third party plugins as well which is why I mentioned the "fix"

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