Modest Dark?

I really like the Modest theme to replace UI.X on my site, but is there a dark version of it available, or planned?

Hey :)

Yes it's close to release. Ideally I want to push it out shortly after our next XenBase release which we're working on now. It'll be included in the FA+ package like our other light/dark combos.

EDIT: Sorry @SneakyDave I read this as a Flat Awesome + thread for whatever reason. No dark Modest is planned at the moment.
@Russ does like cookies, not sure that is enough to persuade him. :D

Honestly, FA+ is probably the closest to UIX as far as layout goes. I'll be sure to pester Russ to get it out ASAP though :)
I tried the demo account to take a look at FA+, but it appears when a new thread is posted (add-thread) it doesn't complete, and the smileys appear to be missing or corrupted?
Can you check now? It appears a folder wasn't uploaded to the demo site.

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