this is in chrome browser on chromebook. Using the modest theme on xf 1.3 with the 1.3 skin update and base as well.


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this is in chrome browser on chromebook. Using the modest theme on xf 1.3 with the 1.3 skin update and base as well.
I'll take a look, thought this was adjusted with the latest update.

Did you by chance update from the old style version, or a fresh install of the 1.3?
On my galaxy S2 all the buttons frankly just look bad and cluttered.

And the rounded corners don't line up either on top right and bottom right.


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The Post reply/upload/more options is really default and not much to avoid it other than reducing the padding on the sides, but even the stock style does it at a 320px resolution.

Should have an update rolling out in the next 2 days to adjust it.

Unfortunately the buttons when you're an admin/moderator you will have more of course, and we actually are working on a different solution for the mobile view. Take a look here:

We want to add in the last image as an option to help with this.
Regarding the border I tried replicating on my dev site with FF/Chrome, Sony Xperia default browser/chrome and Chromebook with no luck.

I also registered on your site to see it was site specific on those devices too but I'm having no luck.

The proper border-radius is being called in the CSS, and the border is fine as well... you can search in the top right admin cp for:


And mess around with it a little. It is using css3 bg for the button which could possibly be the cause of it, try setting it so a solid color possibly.
Another thing too @briansol you may prefer it this way but Modest uses our "stretch navigation" option, which extends the nav bar fully to the side. Even though the max-width for the overall style is set via Style Properties -> General there's no way of extending max-width to the stretch navigation.

So you can adjust the max-width on the navigation via: Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation, 3rd option down I believe.
The border issue is not present on 'computers' (FF, ie11, chrome, etc that I've used it in). It only shows up on my phone.

It's possible its the device, it's a little old, but it is updated (running 4.2.2)
Ya, I tried my Sony Xperia(Android running 4.1.2) but no luck to replicate it. Can you try a different browser on the phone by chance just for debugging.
Ok, i must've had something out of wack...

for testing something else, i created a new style with no parent to test oem display...

after switching back, my site looked completely different. different fonts, sticky mod bar, lost some css i added.... not sure what happened.

but, the padding on the quote button is now fixed.
the odd corner borders are not broken in firefox for android app on the TOP, but are broken on the bottom still...

Thanks, we have a minor update rolling out in the next few days I believe which this is addressed(along with some XenBase stuff).

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