Most Important! -- but what to do with it?



  • creativepart
When I upgraded my PE Core to 1.4.3 there was a notice in the instructions:

  1. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Final step go to Styles in your ACP, Create A Style, name it whichever you like with it being the child of Of the "Purchased Style XML(this will help future upgrades).

Ok, I've done that. Now what do I do with the newly created child style? Do I make it my default style now? Do I make it user selectable? Do I just leave it there for some future use?

PS. I'm obviously new to XF and Style upgrades, sorry for the bonehead question.
Hey @creativepart welcome to XenForo :).

The child style we put as the most important step is where you put all of your edits into. Any customizations you want done you want to put them into this child style of Core. Ideally you'll make this one the default style to show on your site, and disable the XenBase and Core style.

What this does is makes it so future upgrades are painless, when you upgrade in the future you'll simply import and overwrite XenBase, then Core. All fixes and upgrades will trickle down to your child style of Core but it will keep your customizations in tact.

Let me know if that helps and if you have any other questions.
  • creativepart
Thanks for both the welcome and the explanation.

Boy, I needed this info two days ago. I just updated my XF install and overwrote my changes in the PE style "Core".

Since my install is a DEV install and not live, I'm going to restore to a backup from two days ago and then do the updates again. That way I'll save me a bunch of work.

I have 8 VB forums and my plan is to convert one of the smaller forums and then move through them one at a time until I get to my two largest. Once I feel more comfortable with running XF forums (after a decade of managing VB forums) I'll make the move on my two largest forums, too.

Thanks again.
So just to be sure, I should make all changes/customisations to the one highlighted in Yellow:


When I update I just upload the .xml and overwrite the Parent:


and this means I wont have to re-customise all the colours, etc?

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