Hello all ,

i want to know how i can do to move this bar seach and put it on my bar menue .. screen :

i want to put it on the black bar (as my green arrow) .

thank you
thanks brother , but you have a solution to make is more smaller ? cause it come on the black bar an delete the top part .. look :

If we can make it more smaller (on height) and move it on the left of the bar
Style Properties: [XB] Quick Search -> Quick Search Text Field -> reduce the height. You may need to adjust the top value after doing this.
Thanks Russ i juste added on extra.css but about the -66px i dont found where is that ... :( on XB quick search i don't have it ..

Well you added it before... so you need to track back where you added it. I mentioned the -66px in a post above and you did place it.
Thanks bro for responding but can i have the exact code to add? And where ? ... cause am lost...(sorry for my bad level and english..) . If i can get the exact code to add and where ..

Or you mean change the -4px here ? (But its not -66 :p)

.XenBase .searchIcon {
    top: -4px !important;


oh i juste see ,

i changed to this :
#header #QuickSearch { top: -58px !important; }

But still not fixed ... :( . it cut the up black bar and its not on the right of the bar .. :(

mean , like this :
I've mentioned it in the past how to reduce the height. If you want to go further just reduce it even more. I personally think it looks good, it lines up with the navigation, any smaller just seems like it could be a pain to click on.

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