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Updated to the new 1.4.3 version of zipped all seems to be well on my test site except the nav bar, its invisible unless i hover over it with the mouse or click on it how would i fix that issue. Also noticed that it got rid of the social icons in the nav bar as well, help is also missing from the nav bar.

you can see it on the test site here
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Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> Navtab Popup (Closed), set a font color to something dark.

For the icons double check to make sure they're enabled: Style Properties -> Zipped Properties
For the help, Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> Help Tab (check it)

The social icons hmmm! I fixed a bug with them in the latest update but by chance have you modified the navigation template?
nope only time i edited it was to add the new link into the social icons but that was ages ago and i did a theme update since then and it was fine.

Not entirely sure, mind creating a temporary login with just appearance access so I can take a look?

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