Need to match wordpress/xenforo...any takers?


Hey dudes,

Pixel guys - do you have any wordpress themes that would match your xf styles?

I'm using the casual style now, open to doing something custom, but my main goal is matching my home/forum pages.

what's everyone else doing to accommodate that?
Hey drastic, sadly we don't provide wordpress themes as of now. It's something we've looked into however it's not something we can achieve at this time.
Hey Russ,

Has anyone successfully used xenforo as a homepage that mimics a blog, in that the threads display a thumbnail and an excerpt?

If that's possible somehow, then maybe wordpress could get ditched entirely!
holy crap. that's pretty much exactly what i need!

looks awesome! of course, i'll need to put a sidebar on the forums as they're being viewed, but i'm sure that's an easy task.

thanks a ton. gonna check it out.

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