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1) So after the update all my links turned white. Previously they were orange, as is my set Custom Accent Color in omni settings. I went to see in settings to see if this was still the case, and it was. It is still set on orange.

2) Forum index: Node titles are orange, child-nodes titles are white.

2) Some other colors looks off. The other color in the footer area f.ex is now grey on black background. I believe these were previously white?

3) My copyright footer has been shifted to the left. It is no longer centered.
I did make some color changes on text + links for Omni. They won't change again in the future, but I essentially toned down the link colors (should have toned down). I prefer having certain primary links as the dominate color rather than every link be the same color when forums have so many links on one page.

Try going to: Style properties -> Basic colors -> link color, change it to: @xf-paletteAccent2


Style properties -> Footer -> Extended footer -> color: rgb(249, 249, 249)

and links: #b2b2b2
Yeah it think it makes sense, but the links were just suuuuper white, so it was kind of painful to look at :p

Much better. Copyright notice is still off center though. Problem when I merged the page container template perhaps?

Relevant section:
        <xf:if contentcheck="true">
            <div class="p-footer-copyright">
            <div class="{{ property('xbStretchFooter') ? 'p-footer-copyright--inner' : 'p-footer-inner' }}">
                <div class="{{ property('xbStretchFooter') ? 'p-footer-inner' : 'p-footer-copyright--inner' }}">
            <div class="copyright-left">
                <xf:copyright /> <xf:if is="!property('xbRemoveCopyright')"><div class="p-pe-copyright">Design by: <a href="">Pixel Exit</a></div>
                <div class="p-pe-copyright"><a href="">XenPorta 2 PRO</a>, <a href="">XenRio 2 PRO</a> and <a href="">Discord Integration</a> © Jason Axelrod of <a href="">8WAYRUN</a></div></xf:if>
                {{ phrase('extra_copyright') }}
    <xf:if is="property('xbFooterLocation') == 'copyright'">
        <div class="copyright-right">   
            <xf:macro name="default-footer" />
Actually, just add this to center it:

#footer .p-footer-inner {
    display: block;


#footer .p-footer-inner {
    text-align: left;

to align it left, there's a problem with the CSS I shipped out, it'll be corrected for next patch.
It would do it depending on the font size actually, we use a larger font size.

.structItem-cell.structItem-cell--latest {
    font-size: 13px;
to adjust.

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