New Add-on | Thread Reply Notices (Feedback)


We needed something here for a few areas that notified some users of important information when replying. @Russ came up with a good idea and so I decided to bring it to life with a bit more than just a couple template edits. What started off as a simple add-on turned into a full blown 'Thread Reply Notices' add-on :)

You can see it in action in here or here (you need to own a style or add-on license) in any thread under the quick reply editor or create a thread. ;)


You can place the notices above or below, and you're not limited on the amount (though I wouldn't recommend a ton :p).


If there is enough interest I'll see about possibly releasing this add-on. Any feedback is appreciated as well!


Could be very useful for some things. Would be even more useful if you could change the notice on a per-forum basis and display it elsewhere too e.g. new thread or hooked into a forum notice or something :)

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