Hello Pixel Exit. As of yesterday, I'm finally one of your customers and owner of Apex style.

I have a suggestion about Top Menu.

As we know, there is only four option can be selected and used in Top Menu:
  • New Post Link
  • Contact Us Link
  • Account Link
  • Log in or Sign up link
  1. First; New Posts link already located at default XenForo navigation, so it's useless (if you ask me).
  2. Second; Contact Us link can be found at the bottom of page but it could be useful at top, so it's fine.
  3. Third; Account Link. It's fine too. Could be useful. (Or not?) Depends on users.
  4. Fourth: Log in or Sign up. It is already at the top of page by default. Plus we can find another one on the top of the sidebar.
I think there could be more useful options in this section of style properties than four of these (like custom link etc...).


Pixel Exit Staff
We debated about what to have there to be honest we kept it simple on purpose. Ideally I think each board would want to go in and customize it rather in-depth with conditionals and other things unique to their forum.

I can add another property in what is like the left side text box for links on the right side so users can easily add their own links there. Downside to the style properties boxes you can't use conditionals on them.

For now if you want: xb_top_bar is laid out pretty simple to edit it.


Pixel Exit Staff
We added this in the 1.5.6 release I believe it was, you can easily add your own links to Style Properties -> Top Bar

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