Is such a thing possible for this style and for Xenforo? I currently have the Fusion Gamer style applied to my Xenforo forum.

When there is a new post the icon for that node (currently the grey or orange circle looking icon with a dot in the center) glows in a pulsing pattern and the thread title (currently it just changes the font to bold) in the index also glows in a pulsing pattern? No change in the icons so to speak but just a slow pulsing glow effect for new posts.

I am willing to pay handsomely for such a thing to be done for my forums. Is pixelexit interested in this or am I allowed to hire someone from the Xenforo Dev community to do it (Not sure if I can with licences and such)?
Hey Dennis, we can do the work and you're free to hire externally as well.

Do you want it so the icon to like glow on and off for new posts?
I would much rather use you guys since it's your style I am using and you did such a fantastic job on it. Here is kind of what I am talking about for the pulsing glow effect. I'm not looking at changing anything about the forum icons just adding to the existing ones. The orange and grey icons used for each forum section would not change. I like those graphic's. What would change, would just be a gently pulsing orange glow behind the orange parts of the icon when there is a new post in that forum section and just the normal grey icon if there are no new posts. I don't know if you should put the glow behind the orange icon or just make the orange section emit a glow. That's up to you.

The second part of this, is to do something different for the title of new posts. Say there is a new post in a forum and you click on that forum taking you into the forum subsection itself where it has all the titles of each post. Currently you can only tell which post is new by what title has been bolded. I would like some other indicator other than just bolding the title. Maybe a soft glow applied to it, a NEW banner next to it? Something that goes with the black and orange style and grabs the persons attention more. I'm not sure a glow would be the way to go here as it might obscure the title text so in this area I am giving you creative freedom with the objective to make it easy for a user to know that a specific thread is new, while adhering to the look of the style.

Additionally you guys would have to install it on my site and get it working as that is way beyond my area of expertise.

What would all this cost me and when could you have it completed by? If you want to send me a private message to discuss this further so the general public cant see that is fine as well?

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