Jim McClain

I successfully changed the category strip color on my forum home page by searching the forum for previous solutions provided to other users. But this one has eluded my attempts to find an answer. Inspect suggests the class name is sectionHeaders, so I tried adding css to EXTRA.css, but that hasn't worked. I would like to change the background color and/or use a background image or gradient (trying to cover all the bases for future searches) of the category-like header found on the New Posts page. It currently looks like this:


It is probably controlled by the main menu background. I don't wish to change that color, only the bar that shows Title, Replies, Views and Last Message in the header.




Pixel Exit Staff
It's inherited from: Style Properties -> Building Blocks -> Sub Headings, that'll change all the sub-headings across the site though.

If you want to customize just the discussion list headers, you can add this to extra.css:

.XenBase .discussionList .sectionHeaders { CSS here }

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