New Product New XenForo styles: Evolve and XenBase

Finally, after quite the wait I've gotten around to releasing Evolve and XenBase! I want to thank everyone for their patience. Without further ado, here are some screenshots from the latest styles.

This is our newest gaming style that comes in multiple colors all built in the style. You can use the style properties to quickly switch the colors allowing for tons of options.

Live Demo (click the light bulb in the navigation to rotate between the styles)
Purchase here ($30)
Documentation here



Various views and colors:

Live Demo (click the light bulb in the navigation to rotate between the default view and canvas view)
Purchase here ($30)


XenBase is the foundation of all of our styles. It's designed to be clean, minimal and easy to change. It's great looking out of the box so you can use it as is or go on to customize it further for your own community.


Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.