Hi all! I'm looking for an awesome XF newsletter solution! (@Russ any great ideas?)

Any suggestions on the best newsletter options out there? Ideally I need a solution that:
  1. Integrates seamlessly into XF
  2. Has one-click unsubscribe
  3. Something that tracks bounces, spam reports, etc.
  4. Is as automated as possible while allowing some level of customization (i.e, the ability to insert custom content, especially sponsored snippets)
Is there anything out there that does this?



Pixel Exit Staff
Unfortunately, can't give a solid recommendation.

truonglv on XenForo has this plugin: which I've used sendy in the past. This would more manage the list rather than generating the newsletter itself. For that it'd be manual work inside Sendy which there are apps out there that will let you build the newsletter and let it import into Sendy as far as I recall.

Mailing in XF is sort of slacking!


Thanks for the reply!

Ya, I used the Sendy integration (with addons) before, and it seemed a bit buggy / clunky at-best.

I'm shocked XF doesn't have this built-in and also surprised there aren't 3+ amazing 3rd-party solutions for such an important feature!

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