I have the following add on installed https://xenforo.com/community/resources/custom-node-icon-icon-for-category.632 but I see it is no longer supported but it still seems to work even on the new version of Core that I just upgraded my forum to today.

However while upgrading I also did a bit of node and category changes to get a more stream lines look of my forum areas. Now I have some of my older forum areas placed into a category with sub categories looking like this


Now my normal node areas have the custom icons from the add on and look like this


So now my problem is that I would also like the area with the subcategories to also reflect the motorcycle icon as in my normal nodes.

So is there any easy way for me to do this as I am a bit blond when it comes to anything that has code in it.
The first screenshot is loading the default core node icons. I haven't used that plugin but it sounds like you should just go to: style properties -> node icons, set the Read/Unfread forum node icons to your bike icon, if that's what you're after.
@Russ are you talking about these option here?

The thing is if that is so you need to enable Font Awesome by the looks of it.


The other thing is some of my other forum areas I have other icons that I am using so if I had to do it here all the node icons would be the same.

No check on the left column -> Node Icon: Forum, and Node Icon: Unread Forum

Set those paths to the new URL.
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