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Bug Report Details: I have changed the node icon to fa fa-soccer-ball-o but it doesnt show a difference between read & unread topics, the icon stays the same colour all the time.

Not sure if this is a bug or something I've changed and shouldn't have.


Pixel Exit Staff
Can you go to Style Properties -> [XB] Font Awesome -> Left side FA Node Icon: Unread

Is there a color set there? I know we had a bug awhile back about this but I believe we made an adjustment to help with it. On my 1.5 version all is working well.

Setting a colour works until I change the font awesome icon.

This is with the original font awesome icon


This is after changing the font awesome icon and nothing else


Apart from changing the icon nothing else is changed between the screenshots.


Pixel Exit Staff
You don't seem to have a text color set for the read or unread state of the fa icon.

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See if it has the color set.

Also you have the fa class a little wrong. In the <i class=" you have the 'fa' twice.

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