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I see the node_list_forum template has changed. How can I display the node icons in XF 2.2? What edit can I make?
I made the changes to a dev install some time ago. I exported the child style. Now I did a test upgrade of my site to XF2.2, installed the style and imported the xml for the child style. On the test upgrade site the node icons for subforums display. But the node icons for main forums do not display. I only see an empty block. the page has this code:
<span_class="node-icon" aria-hidden="true"> <i></i> </span>
Is this aria-hidden the cause? If so, do you know where to address this?
Sounds like it's just outdated. The updated template uses:

            <span class="node-icon" aria-hidden="true">
                <xf:fa icon="{{ $node.Data.TypeHandler.getTypeIconClass() ?: 'fa-comments' }}" />

You could just revert the template and re-apply the edit. Might be easier depending on how much is changed in there.
The main node icons work now, but for some reason Im getting the double node icons for the subforums:

Screenshot_2021-05-05 TESTForum.png

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