Node Layouts in BlackEnd Pro & Apex


Can I just ask: What are the 3 node layouts available in BlackEnd Pro and what are the 4 available in Apex? Currently we have 3-4 side-by-side nodes that is responsive so I'd just like to know for future reference ;)

Thanks (y)
If you are running the newest versions the layouts will be the same.

0 is default, 1 is dual column minimal, 2 is dual column extensive, 3 is modernized layout

Dual will be 2 columns
Extensive adds more info to the 2 column
Modern just moves the stats and last post info
Cool let me know if you need anything else (y)

Right now I'm just browsing and looking at what features your xenBase Framework has to offer and what styles are available Vs what we currently have. Your site here already gives me some ideas such as StickyNav and how responsive it is. Right now our common complaint seems to be bugs and poor loading/responsiveness.

I think the last thing I can't seem to see is signature toggles but it doesn't look like that exists does it?
thanks again @Russ. The only reason I asked is because some users have longer and larger signatures and I don't particularly wish to penalise every user with restrictions, which is why we have a signature toggle on hover similar to how the extra user info is toggled here ;)

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