• creativepart
We're running Core and will be upgrading shortly from the XenBase 1.5.3 version to 1.5.9.

On our forum, we're using the xbnodeStatsContainer style display in order to show thread and post counts very similar to how they showed on vBulletin.


That was achieved by using the "[XB] Forum List & Category" option for "Node Layout Type: 3".

That option is gone from later versions of XenBase. So, is there a replacement styling option somewhere, or some template code we can use, that will give us that same type node stats container on the index page?

All of the node options can be found here:

Style Properties: ├ ─ Nodes

We moved them to condense them into a single place, you can check Modern Layout for the same effect.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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