I am planning on using background images of some nodes as per the attached image. How do I change the text color for those nodes to white so it can be seen.


I would also like to move the last post box, currently in white so it stretches across the whole of the node> i'm using an addon for these nodes so it's probably a template modification from the add-on I need to play around with and not a default template.


Pixel Exit Staff
Put this in extra.less and it should help:

    .node-title a { color :#FFF; }
    .node-description { color :#CCC; }

I meant to add a property for node titles, it'll come in the next release.


That worked after adding .node--id31, only needed for certain nodes.

Any idea how I can move the last poster box so it stretches the width of the container, again only for certain nodes. Basically I want to turn this
Into something like this
Ideally just need to move the recent thread info to the bottom and stretch it across the whole node. This is for the forum index and only for certain nodes.

Would this be possible with a template modification for example?

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