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Hey guys,

First i want to thank all you guys for this awesome theme.

I just having some questions on how everything should work.

Look at this image, please:


So, two points in the green boxes:

- I don't see the light bulb to change to dark/light version;
- This 'an advertisement' text. How i remove? I already configured all my ads on XF system.

Note that i can change in the style selector the theme for Nova Dark.

I did imported all XML files inside xml folder like this, this is correct?


And for last until now, how i add some nice little Awesome Icons next to the default links on the footer (see the green box, please):


Btw, how i add some custom icons for each of the nodes? Any tutorial available?

Sorry for all the questions, is my first time.

Thanks all.
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The text "an advertisement" isn't coming from our style, do you have anything setup in the XenForo ad system? Setup -> Advertising

So you can approach the style install like that, we give another option which you can find here:

My approach in that post can make things easier potentially... essentially any edits you do on the light style would trickle down to the child style. You just have to be careful, if you're editing a property, you can't just hard code a background color as it may not look good on the dark style. If you use the color palette it should help.

But... you can do your approach, just means you'd need to apply any edit you do on the light style to the dark style. My post there also touches on the light bulb.

For the icons in the footer.... this is a pure CSS approach, which will require you to get the correct URL, but it would avoid any template edits:

        font: normal normal normal 14px/1 FontAwesome;
        font-size: inherit;
        text-rendering: auto;
        margin-right: 5px;
        display: inline-block;
    [href="/forums/misc/contact/"]:before { content: "\f0e0"; }
    [href="/forums/help/terms/"]:before { content: "\f0e3"; }
    [href="/forums/help/privacy-policy/"]:before { content: "\f21b"; }
    [href="/forums/help/"]:before { content: "\f1cd"; }
    [href="yourforumurl"]:before { content: "\f015"; }


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Thank you Russ, very appreciate your help.

Another question:

- There is any way to remove the hover for showing the nodes stats? I want to make this always available (threads and posts counters).


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Thanks again Russ, did just fine, but i set to classic view on the options and this mode is great too.

And finally, i think is my last question before i release the Style for public use.

You notice that in my navbar i have a new link "Doações" (translating to english: donations). Did you know how i can add a nice little icon like the rest of the navbar? (I did already set the option to show icons, but, of course for my custom link is missing).


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Russ, everything is working very fine.

One question:

There is any way to decrease the size of the navbar and buttons? They are too big, to high, do you know what i mean?

See if this picture helps:



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So the header: style properties -> header and navigation, you can decrease the vertical padding on the navigation using: Navigation padding vertical

Buttons: Style properties -> Buttons -> Button Base, reduce the padding top/bottom.

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