I just purchased Nova and a user of the forums says that her user name is abbreviated. For example, her user name is "AwesomeUsername here" looks like "Awesom..." on the forums home page. Is there a place to set a higher number or something so that the whole username shows? I looked around in the admin area and couldn't find anything, but may have not looked in the right place.

Thank you.
I was talking about at the top of the forums homepage and every page at the top right where you click on your username to view your profile area. She says it is shortened instead of spelled completely out. She did not specify if it was on a desktop or mobile though.

Thank you.
Thanks, so that's a default width set by XenForo. With Nova... it has a larger padding + font so it won't show as many characters.

Put this in the extra.less template:

.XenBase .p-navgroup-link.p-navgroup-link--user { max-width: 200px; }

Should help. Default is set to 150px.

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