I'm using Zipped, and I've got the Help Tab enabled. I've also got a custom help page.

If I click on the Help link to go directly to the Help page, the custom help page shows correctly on the Help sidebar menu (along with Smilies, Trophies, Terms & Rules, etc.)

On a mobile, the Help section shows correctly on the off-canvas menu, but the custom help page doesn't show.

Can custom help page(s) be added to the off-canvas menu?


Pixel Exit Staff
Looking at it I'm not sure it'll be possibly to add those automatically. I'll double check but for now you can easily add them in manually:

Open: xb_offcanvas_menu, look for:

<xen:hook name="help_index_extra" />

Right above that add your custom link:
<li><a href="{xen:link help/url}">Text</a></li>

Additionally for it to show in the dropdown on the main nav, open: xb_nav_help

Add the link right above:

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