My navigation link "Tacoma3G" is using a larger font than the other ones. I don't think I changed anything relevant to styling these links so I don't think this is being caused by my end.


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How is that link added? Its structure is a little different in the HTML than a traditional nav link.

Can you show a screenshot of your public navigation -> link of it?
Ah, I see now.

It’s because I have no link at all. I did it that way so it would force the menu to open without going to a different page.

I should be able to fix it by styling the text to match the link styling.


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Moving this to closed reports. One thing you could do is something like this in the future:

[data-nav-id="forums"] {
    pointer-events: none;

This would make it so the link itself wouldn't be clickable but the dropdown arrow would still work. They'd need to click the arrow instead of the text but... one idea.

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