Wow, almost managed to fit this into header. Nice.

Where can we can we change the navigation bar so that more options are shown there instead this icon here:


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Well, the padding on the navigation is already reduced pretty far on the newest version, past that you could increase the page width a tiny bit if you wanted.
Are you running the latest version of Fusion Gamer by chance? This was fixed in the latest release. Please take caution if you upgrade you could lose your customizations if you simply overwrite things.
Thanks Russ! We most likely don't. We started working on this earlier and I don't think the theme itself has ever beeen updated. Are there a lot of changes in there that a are a big improvement? I am not sure we can revert all our changes (find them, etc.) in a timely manner, so I'd rather see if we can pick this change move it over. I'll see if there is a change log posted somewhere.
It's actually part of the fusiongamer_extra.css, it was an edit in there, best thing you could do is simply download the new version, install as a new style and look at that template, compare that to yours.
Finally needed to look at this again as things are heating up, beta of the game is starting again and visitors are increasing accordingly.

So, I copied the files from the fusiongamer_extra.css over, no change. It's strange because when I am logged off:


Logged on:


Logged on are more items, but this really can't be the way tho handle this. This is half the bar left.

Funny thing is: When you look at it closely, you can see load the full bar completely for a sec and then minimize it.
Thee would you mind giving me access to the Appearance admin section via a temporary account? It'll be the best method for me to fix it if possible.

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