I noticed that the online indicator is messed up.

For example:


Notice the white?

I think it should be more like:


You can change the margin under:

.messageUserBlock div.avatarHolder .onlineMarker:before {
and under:
.messageUserBlock div.avatarHolder .onlineMarker:after {
To fix it.

It looks good on this forum though.
So I just downloaded the Core 1.4.4 and did a fresh install. But the animated online indicator still seems messed up. See photo below.


Also if I enable modernized layout it throws it to the far left up top and not in the photo like it should.


And on Horizontal Layout.


It would be nice to have it displayed like it does on your forum theme.
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No, to be honest I completely forgot about the online indicator in my mass coding spree. Once I saw this thread on here I was like crap! That bug report!

We'll look into a proper fix shortly, I think we were about about it wrong before trying to use some of the default online css.


Pixel Exit Staff
The online indicators have been improved for all of the post bits, including animated/non-animated.

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