I want to change the colour of p-body-inner

I can't seem to find this in the style properties but instead there's a xbBodyInner property but this doesn't seem to do the same thing (it doesn't have a noticeable effect).

Any idea where I can edit p-body-inner?

Not sure if I'm going about this wrong as previously I never customised xenbase much.
So with Style Properties -> Page Setup -> Forum Style:

  • Default has the open look like default XF2, this makes it so there's no container around the content and therefore inherits Page background color (pageBg) via Basic Colors
  • Classic which FA+ ships out with on inherits (it's background color from: Main Content Background (xbMainContentBackground) via Basic Colors. You can also customize this container further by going to: Style Properties -> Page Setup -> Content Container at the bottom
  • Boxed uses the "Boxed container" property at the bottom of Style Properties -> Page Setup

Which... I should rename Content Container and add a better description. On the list for next release. Does that help explain it a little better?
I think I asked my question badly as that's not what I was asking, sorry!

If I inspect the HTML via the browser of FA+, it's p-body-inner that I want to change the colour of to give a little more separation between threads (and similar to how it is in Core). When I go through the style properties I can't find any reference to p-body-inner. It does have xbBodyInner but that doesn't seem to the the right class (but it sounds like it should be).
Use xbMainContentBackground to change the background for that. When the Classic mode is enabled this property essentially styles the p-body-inner for the content area.

Also just as a heads up this being the first release things like this will improve, I agree a clearer indication of message differentiation would be nice.
That's the colour I'd like to change indicated by the red arrows. Inspecting the elements and changing p-body-inner does that but I can't find that in the style properties.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 19.07.40.png

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