Hi guys,
I had a quick look and could not find a solution for this, I am trying to adjust the height of the row on the node list and also the thread list.


Image above:
1 - Managed to adjust the padding for this under Block but would like to centre the text vertically!
2 - Cannot find where to adjust the padding for this, any pointers appreciated.

Also the same in the thread list:


Many thanks :)
You may find adjusting the overall style padding would be better. Check out: Style properties -> borders and spacing. Even increasing each of the padding by 1-2px would make a difference.

Try that first and see if you like it better. I can give you specific CSS for those areas though if you'd prefer.
One more thing that I could not get my head around it both in the Light and Dark versions of the style.

I added a backgound to the header-inner but it doesn't go all the way to the edges, there is a little gap on both the left and right, how do I extend it to the edges?


Above is the right hand side.

Many thanks :)

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