Pixel Exit updates (Vacation/Custom work/Upgraded site)


Pixel Exit Staff
Hello everyone! Time for a little status update for Pixel Exit in the coming weeks/months.

"Vacation": We'll be having a future Pixel Exit staff member born shortly! I have a baby girl that is expected at the end of June, but we've been told it could be anytime from here until then. When she's born, I'll be taking some time off completely so support will be limited. I'll follow up on this post when that happens.

Custom work: While we're always excited to tackle new projects, I'm currently no longer booking custom work for the month of June. I'm wrapping up the projects we have outstanding and will be excited to take on new custom work in July. With my daughter on the way, the last thing I'd want to see is me start a project and not have the time to finish it in a timely manner.

Upgraded store: I'm in the final stages of testing out a new store setup for Pixel Exit. It should bring a variety of improvements and help us on the backend tremendously. The layout of the downloads page will change but nothing too dramatic. You will not need to take any other action when this happens.

Upgraded style: I've been working on a nice update to our overall style here at Pixel Exit. It'll make it easier for everyone to browse their personal content (custom projects/downloads/tickets) and give nice improvements across most pages.

New styles: I've been working away on some new styles that are almost ready for release. When I return from vacation, the goal is to get those up and available as soon as possible.

Thank you everyone for their continued support! I'm excited about the future!


Well, went in for a routine doctor exam yesterday and came out with a healthy baby girl! I shouldn't be off too terribly long. I'll be back early this week coming up to catch up on various things.

Congratulations and all the best! :)



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