Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Jaidyn, May 24, 2017.

  1. Jaidyn

    Jaidyn Customer

    Guys, I honestly think you should re-brand yourselves as PixelAwesome, given all the fantastic work you do here. ;)

    I have only done business with PixelExit once thus far, by purchasing the Fusion Gamer Style which first caught my attention on the demo board and ever since that moment, I wanted the style for our community. Acquiring it then, was a no-brainer; the installation was a breeze, and further customization was aided by the concise and easy to follow Resources. I hope you continue to keep up your great work with both your creative output and excellent customer service. Two thumbs up!
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  2. Russ

    Russ Designer

    Thank you very much for the kind words. PixelAwesome, not bad bad :D.
  3. Ruby

    Ruby Customer

    Welcome to the Pixel Exit family don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions.
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  4. Mike Edge

    Mike Edge Customer

    PixelAwesome Love it!
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  5. Jaidyn

    Jaidyn Customer

    I just purchased the Omni style and spent the afternoon playing with it. It looks simply AMAZING! Fusion Gamer was a great skin for our site (because we're a gaming club) but OMNI has taken my satisfaction to a new level. I especially love how with one change of an accent you can give your site a fresh and new look - a makeover, if you would. Thanks, Russ & Steve, for including the different looks so an old fart like myself doesn't have to fiddle with code (and break the style, haha). You guys thought of everything. Again. XD
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  6. Ruby

    Ruby Customer

    Looks good
  7. Russ

    Russ Designer

    Looks awesome @Jaidyn, thank you for your continued support and best of luck on the site!
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