pixelExit 2014 Updates

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an enjoyable time during the holidays, we took a little a break from styling to spend time with our families and we're excited to be back in action.

Just a quick update currently majority of our styles are updated for 1.2.3 however due to 1.2.4 being so minor we chose not to release an update as we didn't see it being worthy of one. We're currently in the process of re-writing/arranging XenBase to make things simpler for us and you. We started with our framework early last year and even from that time period our skills have greatly advanced so we're excited to show you the upcoming changes.

Here's a few of the major changes with XenBase:
  • Most of our style properties are inside the default XenForo categories(it didn't make much sense to jump back and forth from the Header and Navigation and [XB] Header and Navigation section ect)
  • Cleaner CSS
  • Fixed numerous bugs
  • Removed some extra features(no one will use)
  • Added some well needed styling property functionality
  • Organized our CSS much better
  • Improved/New Documentation

These changes will make customization and updating even easier for us and our clients.

New Styles
Over the past month or so I've been working on some designs which I hope you'll really enjoy. It shouldn't be too long before I can give some previews however some quick details(please note we're terrible with names and they're subject to change):
  • Zipped - A nice clean flat style which has 2 universal colors making it extremely easy to change via the color palette
  • Vanilla - Another clean design which puts a twist on the typical XenForo design
  • CodeX - This is a well contrasted gaming design with a sleek nav like Frag Zone and some special detail to the style
We hope to get these styles up for purchase soon, Zipped is the closest which should be in a few weeks assuming our new XenBase goes well

Existing Styles
I've been dedicated time the past few weeks to each of our styles to clean some of the CSS up as well as the very few issues our clients have pointed out. More work will be put into the styles as the new XenBase comes closer to completion to improve the look and functionality of the styles.

I've said it not to long ago but again thank you all for making 2013 a great year for pixelExit.com. It's truly an honor to work with all of you and see your forum communities flourish with our styles.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to another great year.

Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.