I use the Core style and this is how it is currently:


I'd like to use the header and navigation color from the pixelExit.com 3.0 style. It seems to me that it's gradients and I'd much like to use it to Core. Would it be possible to have it please?


I mean it's simply a background color applied to #logoBlock .pageWidth for the top part, then a background color applied to the navTabs. Anything else at all?
When the old style of pixelExit was still on your site, I had looked at the source code and for the header, it was a gradient, Russ.

I said it was practically a solid color, if you actually open the image in like photoshop you'll notice the top BARELY changes, and the nav tabs were solid.

But you can always re-create it using something like:


As I mentioned though it was barely a gradient.

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