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When using the floating nav bar on mobile (Chrome/Android), touching in the reply box causes the page to scroll up obscuring the top of the box. Users then need to scroll the page down again before they can enter their message.

Is there a way to correct this?

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I think this popped up awhile back but was fixed in a newer iOS update.

Can you try this in your extra.css to see if it helps:

.redactor_box.activated.focused { z-index: 7600; }/code]

RE: https://pixelexit.com/threads/floating-mod-bar-interferes-with-reply-text-entry-chrome-on-ios.2815/

Deleted member 5751

  • Deleted member 5751
Thank you, this is happening on Android and that does work and brings the reply box to the foreground.

However I have seen other Xenforo styles that will disable the floating nav bar when the editor has focus, is that possible please?

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