Possible to install Fragzone twice on the same Xenforo Install?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ev1dentFir3, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Ev1dentFir3

    Ev1dentFir3 Active Member

    Hello, I am wondering if it's possible to install the same theme 2 or more times on the same Xenforo install. I want to use it to chance the theme of different nodes based on what game that node if for. So in the H1Z1 forum the colors, wallpapers, and banner would change. And for all of our other games as well.

    Is this possible, if so how? o_O

  2. bt012ss

    bt012ss Well-Known Member

    Why not?

    Install your Styles maybe so:

    - Fragzone

    -- Your Style 1
    --- (different nodes)
    ---- (H1Z1 forum the colors, wallpapers, and banner)
    --- (different nodes)
    ---- (H1Z1 forum the colors, wallpapers, and banner)
    -- Your Style 2
    --- (H1Z1 forum the colors, wallpapers, and banner)
    --- (H1Z1 forum the colors, wallpapers, and banner)
    -- Your Style 3
    --- What you want

    So you can change every Style how you like it.
    Do the changes in the red parent style, the changes will be seen in the blue and green childs.
    Do the changes in the blue child style, it will be seen in the green child of the blue style.
    Do the changes in the black Fragzone, it will be seen in all red, blue, green styles.

    So, you can use the Fragzone style only for updates of pixelexit. All news in that style will be seen in all coloured childs.
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  3. Ev1dentFir3

    Ev1dentFir3 Active Member

    I am happy to say that I figured it out :cigar:

    But before I post the way to do it I want to wait till a moderator says for sure if this is allowed. ;) And if it's not allowed I did this in a sandbox environment so it's not public :peeking:

    Here is what I ended up with though :watching:



  4. Russ

    Russ Designer

    That's not the correct setup :(

    XenBase is installed fine. Next you should install Frag Zone as a child of XenBase.

    XenBase and Frag Zone will never be touched... ever. No template edits/style properties should be done to those.

    After those are imported you import a new style as a child of Frag Zone, this is where all of your edits will go.
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  5. Ev1dentFir3

    Ev1dentFir3 Active Member

    Fragzone is installed as a child, I just modified the upload folder and xml file so I could install a second copy next to it so I could upload different banner and wallpapers easily.
  6. Russ

    Russ Designer

    It's only a child of XenBase:

    This technically would be the proper way:

    XenBase and Frag Zone should never be touched. All of your edits can go inside child styles of Frag Zone.

    This way... next upgrade you can simply import and overwrite Xenbase, followed by Frag Zone. All updates will trickle down to your custom versions of Frag Zone (EFG / H1z1)
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  7. Ashley.S.

    Ashley.S. Customer

    @Ev1dentFir3 I learnt the hard way losing a lot of my customisations when it came to style updates so I strongly recommend following the way that @Russ has pictured so you don't fall into the same trap ;)
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  8. Ev1dentFir3

    Ev1dentFir3 Active Member

    ok I understand what your saying, I'll give that a shot. the EFG version of fragzone is actually the one that I use on all of my website except the forums that I am going to be specifying with the children versions. I just renamed it so I would know it was the default one.

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