Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 19.43.42.png

In that post, the post controls are floating above the end of the post frame. This doesn't seem right to me.

It isn't happening to another user's posts. I think it might be due to me having a signature defined...

This is FA+.



Pixel Exit Staff
Does this happen for you logged out as well? I'm logged in on your site and can't actually replicate that. I'm seeing your posts and others but that bar is at the bottom of the post.
That screenshot is a conversation message, but it has happened on forum posts.

It seems to just be using the height the content takes up, without expanding it on some posts, but not others...



Pixel Exit Staff
So I don't know why I skipped over this the last time, this is technically as-designed, default XF does it as well.

We are working on adjustments though that will allow users to push that to the bottom in the near future.

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