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unfortunately i have a problem again. i have adjusted the post view.
but now it is somehow different in the mobile view..... :/

It looks like that to me right now:

but it should look like this:

how can I do it best?
what do I have to do?

Thank you Thank you
and before I open a topic it's about the post view.
i have marked it red, how could i get it into the post or the links: reply, quote to change buttons and adjust the background just the post?

it looks like this to me:Unbenannt-26.jpg

that's the way I'd like to have it:Unbenannt-26.jpg

before I try around there now and ruin everything...
Great again, thank you very much.
But I installed the Post ratings add on, so the background won't go through all the way... would you know how I get the BG too?
Could be:)



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