When editing the postbit settings in threads, you can have the information shown above, is it possible to do this in the conversation window and strip it out so it is minimum and keep the sidebar position to the left in threads?

Either that or the right sidebar in conversations I will shrink the width slightly as the conversation part is cramped on responsive.
I'm not exactly sure what you're wanting :(, it's late and has been a long day so I apologize, could you show me an example of what you're after?
So, as attached on a smaller device the conversation area is quite small so to combat that is it possible to move the left postbit area above the conversation message like you can do on threads BUT keep threads as it is in the window with the postbit to the left.


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Yeah, just to allow more space on smaller devices since I use my phone a lot, I just hid signatures and probably hide the postbit information other than likes/messages if possible too but ideally move it above the content area.

I sent the new password in ticket too, thanks!

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