The way in which the default system works for prefixes and user banners is either they use the default color palette or the colors are hard coded leaving only one option which is to overwrite them using EXTRA.css.

The next update for [XB] we will be implementing a easier way to style prefixes and user banners as it seems like it is a troublesome area when doing a custom skin.

We would like any input you may have if any. ;)
The 2nd and 3rd prefixes in the list when creating or editing a prefix is "prefixPrimary" (uses @primaryLighterStill) and prefixSecondary (uses @secondaryDarker).

The others are hard coded. Of course you can select the last option and create your own class but not everyone is at that level.

What I want to achieve is properties for the default setup where users can add images or their own color easily for both prefixes and user banners.
So basically what I have done here is make the default prefixes controllable with style properties. Each named property follows the naming scheme in the ACP. I'm really not happy with it since we have no "live" preview of it. With that said, we may end up just creating say 10-15 prefixes to be shipped with the framework. Just have to play around here until we get something we "agree" on :p


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