cannabis ape

Sup Russ.

I just noticed that the preview button next to the post thread button sometimes doesn't work. It seems it happens when I change things that have been previewed before.

After that it won't work anymore, the preview next to the attach files always works correctly.
So till then a very annoying and most used element will be bugged??

Well, I'd argue it's not the most used element or else it would have been mentioned again after the last time they thought they fixed it :D,

This is by no means a proper fix... but you could just hide the one preview button using some CSS:

[data-xf-init="attachment-manager post-edit ajax-submit"] .button--icon--preview, [data-template="forum_post_thread"] .button--icon--preview
    display: none;
.formSubmitRow--sticky .button--icon--preview {
    display: inline !important;

This way they can't run into the problem. Past that you'll need to wait for the official patch. But I've been using 2.0 every day and personally have never rotated between the preview buttons, I don't think it's a huge issue at the moment.

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