I had this problem with 1.5.1, but the floating nav bar went to the far right when scrolling down.. Now after update it shifts to the far left. I can correct it, but it then shifts the nav bar in responsive view ( I would like to keep the floating nav for mobile as well, but can do away with it if no fix).


Under <div class="navFloatWrapper fixed"> I have this css that I can uncheck in "Inspect Element", but I cannot find it in FA+ Style Properties to remove it.
.xbBoxedStyle .fixed {
    left: 0;
Double check your extra.css for the old code I gave you:

.fixed { left: 0px; }

Remove that ^

Basically .xbBoxedStyle .fixed will only effect the floating nav IF the boxed layout is enabled. I added the xbBoxedStyle to the <html> to add for more styling options in 1.5.3
Its not there. I am currently porting all my changes over to the 1.5.3 CHILD theme.. Lmao, since I failed to do that before...

The only thing I currently have in my extra.css is this:

 #navigation.pageWidth {
margin: 0 -21px;
max-width: 1232px;
box-shadow: 0px 5px 10px #2A475B;
Interesting... I don't see the style on your site or else I could check. Did you give me a login? Can you remind me via PM if you did or send a new one (not here but in a PM / ticket)
Oh, I had user selection disabled while I was getting her all fixed up... :whistle: (fixed that for you, but the sticky nav is enabled via custom field now..)
I never made a login for you before... What all needs to be with the credentials?

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