first sorry my english is not the best.

i use xenforo 1.2 rc 1 and the last version of the core style.

we have these problems:

on desktop:

on all internet explorer versions we miss the link "New Posts". all other browsers show these link.

next is: in jaxels medio mod we miss on all browers links "random videos, the admin menu-for the medio mod. (on the original xenforo, all works perfect)

on the mobile design:

we have on all sites not the submenu from the mods or of the xenforo functions. in the original xenforo style all works great.

then our mobile users say, that the login bar overhide the menu if they are not loged in (on the top?. if they are loged in, all is ok.
Some Pictures, to the Problems

1. The New Posts are Missing in IE

Firefox is OK

Firefox - New Posts OK.PNG

IE the Link is not theire ( The German Word for the Link is " Neue Beiträge")

IE New Posts not theire.PNG

2. Links in Mods are in Original Style OK
Jaxels Video Mod - Links in original Style OK.PNG

In the Core Style, we miss the Links
Core Style Missed Links.PNG

3. Submenu in Mobile Style:

Original Style: all is OK
Submenu Mobile Style.PNG

In Core we miss the Submenu:
No Submenu in Core.PNG

I hope you can see, what i mean. Sorry again for my bad English.

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