XF 1.x Profile areas disappearing on minimise & mobile


Hi all,
Bit of an odd one this. I've recently been made aware of a glitch when using the site on a Kindle Fire and upon minimising & adjusting the viewport I've been able to replicate it.

Basically the three areas > Account > Inbox & alerts disappear at a specific range.
It's almost inbetween the off-canvas kicking in and then returning back to full navbar menu.

Also I have has some users mention the off-canvas menu, scrolls the forums sidebar and not always the off-canvas menu? So they have to scroll the forums and when at the end of the forum page, the off-canvas will finally move down.

Hope you can assist.
Many thanks!

error1.png error.png


What version of the XenBase are you running by chance? We did make some changes in our latest release which fixed a few navigation/off-canvas bugs (1.5.3)
Ahh I'm still on XenBase 1.4.0 Beta 1. Okay I need to upgrade then...
I'm hanging on and hanging on as I have that custom development in the pipeline with you. I'll look at upgrading :)

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