Question about Fusion Gamer


As on Desktops are big enough to display the login bar I was wondering if You could add

Small facebook, Twitter and google Icons to this bar Eventually show how to add them yourselves.

and maybe explain how to fully remove top bar and send people to

when signing up ?
I can't remember what version of XenBase we introduced the login overlay but it is now an option. It also includes the hooks for the social login as well.

As for the User Block that will require a little work, not quite sure what is involved right off.
The only way I really see doing it would be to add it on the side of it to be honest. Which would make it rather large to be honest. With small fixes I can give it right away but something like this would take some time and unfortunately we're a little tied up.

We also have the option to add those into the sidebar(might already be enabled).

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