Hey @Russ

I wanted to ask few questions.

I have (at least I hope I have) upgraded to latest 1.4.5

Here is what I did :
  • downloaded 1.4.5
  • exported my child style
  • added xenbase folder that I downloaded with files inside my style/xenbase
  • Uploaded Xenbase XML file and overwritten XenBase
  • XF asked to update some outdated templates I did that
So I hope I did not do something wrong? How can I know if the upgrade works?
Because in my appearance|styles I see this :

XenBase says 1.4.3?

Okay, now some issues that I see :

  • My social footer buttons are gone
  • I see that my header navigation is also messed up
Link to my forum

I am quite new to XenForo and I really love your theme, but I am not experienced with upgrades and all sorts of stuff.

Thanks in advance!
Style Name is fine, you can edit it and remove the 1.4.3 if you want. We took out the version # in that style name to avoid confusion(style names don't get overwritten when importing a style).

For the header:

Look at these properties, you'll just need to revert these(use the admin search to quickly find them, and click the box on the top right of the property to revert it then save)

  • navTabLink ( Header and Navigation -> Selected Tab Sub-Link )
  • xb_nav_tabLink ( [XB] Header and Navigation -> Sub-Navigation (tabLinks) )
  • xb_headerVariable ( [XB] Header and Navigation -> Header Height Variable )
  • navLink ( Header and Navigation -> Nav Tab)
Looks like you got the social buttons figured out.

Usually upgrades are easy, this one we implemented some things which we should of done at the start to avoid any problems.

Once you revert those problems the spacing should be corrected out.
Oh, thanks I see.

However I am having troubles with understanding how to revert/reset, where to click?

For instance here is a screen shoot of
  • navTabLink ( Header and Navigation -> Selected Tab Sub-Link )

Where do I reset it? What should I do? Should that be done for each and every properties you listed?

Did you import XenBase then Zipped, overwriting both of those. The child would of course be untouched.

This is how that style property shows up for 1.4.5 Zipped:


Make sure you back up your styles by exporting them before importing and overwriting.

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