Hi, sorry you've created a thread in the forum, but maybe I have a basic question, but I'm new platform which is XenForo ...

1. - As I can enlarge to the sides the fusion theme gamer? I mean, for example, width is 70% and I would leave it at 90% ... how and where should I change it?

Two. - I read that to change the style background Fusion Gamer need to edit an option in the EXTRA.CSS ... where I find that file ... and the other is where I can download sample images that appear when one purchases the style? because the link that appears to the funds is bad. -

again I apologize for the questions and for my English, but is very basic and as much as I tried to find support in Spanish or Portuguese do not find, thanks in advance. -


Pixel Exit Staff
Hey RataFoxLimited

In regards to the enlarging the size are you referring to the entire page width? If so you'll browse to Appearance -> Style Properties -> Page width Controller, then adjust the width in the Misc. box.

For the backgrounds, you can find the files here:


Only customers of Fusion Gamer have access to it, I've gone ahead and added a link in the original FAQ, which you should follow to add them:


Let me know if you need anything else :)

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