Thanks for the reply Steve! Yeah, I know about the two add-ons for this. Not interested in an add-on for something I'm sure can be done in extra.less. Was hoping someone could visualize it off the top of their head.
You can hide those buttons using CSS:

Both buttons....
[data-template="forum_list" ] .p-title-pageAction  { display: none; }

Or just the quick thread:

[data-template="forum_list" ] .button--icon--write   { display: none; }
That is CSS for EXTRA.LESS
Ahh, didn't recognize the { brackets for their representation, thought you were indicating the template needed edited. Thank you for the work on this.

Oh, umm... Perhaps there's a miscommunication on my part.

I'm trying to hide the quick thread start option entirely. See attachment, where in the pic I have my cursor:

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Really trying to keep addons to a minimum, for fewer update issues. For something really minor like this, it's not worth an addon to me. It's not that important to hide it or get rid of it.

Thanks for your time and replies guys!
Here's what I asked for.

Hide attribute and remaining border:
[data-xf-init="quick-thread ajax-submit draft"] {
    display: none;
    + div {
        :first-child {
            border-top: none;
Additional cleanup, all pages. (Not related to hiding the quick thread start option but really spiffs up whatever style you're using):
.block-filterBar {
    border-bottom-color: @xf-borderColorLight;

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